Transformational Wellness

  • Are you tired of feeling bad although you’ve followed the guidance that your doctor?
  • Are you confused about which direction to go with your health?
  • Have you tried other health programs and couldn’t follow through?
  • Are you missing out on a happy life with family and friends?
  • Are your career plans stalled because you aren’t feeling well enough to make a change?
  • Are you unable to pursue your interests and hobbies because you just don’t have the energy?

Welcome to Dr. Dladla’s Transformational Wellness Program

Empower yourself with our 3-pronged approach:

Assess- We carefully evaluate your health concerns and conditions. We look at what your have tried in the past that hasn’t worked for you. We look at underlying patterns and see the connections between your health conditions. We go deep, by profoundly uncovering what your innermost goals for your health and your life are.

Plan- We create a personal and customized plan that fits your life and your health goals

Implement- We empower and encourage you to fearlessly reach your goals. We guide and support your journey, every step of the way.

We value and strive for sustainable changes that create the health and freedom you desire.

5 Foundational Pillars.



Nonkulie Dladla, MD
Nonkulie Dladla, MDWellness Coach
Dr. Dladla is a medical doctor. She has graduated from Cornell medical school and Cornell graduate school where she studied health research. She has practiced internal medicine for close to 20 years. She has spent over 10 years in leadership roles as Chief medical officer and medical director. She is currently trained with Institute for Functional Medicine and A4M (Antiaging and Metabolic Institute), and she has completed Advanced biologic medicine training She has fully embraced the 5 pillars, which has been groundbreaking in producing transformational health in clients. She loves learning diverse forms of healing and yoga. She resides with her husband and two young children.

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